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Top 5 exercises to get rid of stubborn back fat | Pro Hub of News

Addressing back fat requires understanding that spot reduction is a myth; it depends on overall body fat levels influenced by genetics, diet, and daily activity. While exercises like walking and weightlifting tone the chest and arms, the posterior often receives less attention.

Back fat accumulates in the lower back, creating visible rolls. Factors like aging, body fat percentage, and muscle tone contribute to its appearance. Targeted strength training and a balanced diet can help tone this area.

Here are 5 exercises focusing on back fat:

  1. Reverse Hip:
    Lie over an exercise ball, squeezing glute muscles while stabilizing the ball. Hold the pose before lowering legs.
  2. Side Jackknife:
    Lie on your right side, stacking legs and lifting the left leg up and down while stabilizing the head. Repeat on both sides.
  3. Superman:
    Lie on your stomach, lift hands and feet simultaneously to work the back and glutes.
  4. Lateral Raises:
    Raise dumbbells sideways to tone the back.
  5. Rows:
    Bend slightly, raising and lowering dumbbells to work the back muscles effectively. Adjust weights as needed.