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Prince Harry breaks silence on meeting with King Charles | Pro Hub of News

Prince Harry has provided insight into his visit with King Charles during a candid conversation with Good Morning America.

Expressing gratitude and love for his family, the Duke highlighted his eagerness to see King Charles, stating, “I went to go and see him as soon as I could” and promptly “jumped on a plane” to make the visit happen.

In his conversation with host Will Reeve, Prince Harry reiterated his affection for his family, emphasizing his appreciation for the opportunity to spend time with them. He stated, “Look, I love my family,” and expressed gratitude for the chance to connect with King Charles.

Reflecting on the impact of his visit on his family, Prince Harry acknowledged the potential significance, affirming, “Absolutely. Yeah, I’m sure.” He emphasized the strength of family bonds, particularly in times of illness or adversity, drawing from his experiences with the Invictus families.

Addressing his living arrangements, the Duke shared insights into his life in California, emphasizing his commitment to both his immediate family and his familial ties in the UK. He affirmed, “I have my own family. As we all do.” Prince Harry also mentioned future trips that would bring him back to the UK, expressing his intention to see his family as much as possible.

Overall, Prince Harry’s remarks shed light on his familial relationships and his efforts to maintain connections despite geographical distances.