Bella Hadid debuts new boyfriend via special post | Pro Hub of News

Bella Hadid recently introduced her new partner, Adan Banuelos, to the world.

The supermodel took to her Instagram to share glimpses of her 27th equestrian-themed birthday celebration from October 2023, featuring her cowboy boyfriend.

Bella, known for her passion for equestrianism, posted a carousel of photos and videos where she can be seen holding hands and sharing affectionate moments with Adan.

According to a source speaking to Entertainment Tonight, “Bella and Adan are deeply in love, and her family and friends have never seen her this happy.”

The insider added, “Bella appreciates Adan’s unwavering support for her career and how seamlessly he fits into her life. They enjoy each other’s company and find joy in life’s simple pleasures. Bella’s mom, Yolanda, played matchmaker in bringing them together.”

Furthermore, insiders describe Adan as “a hard-working real cowboy and a champion cutter” who was recently inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association Riders Hall of Fame.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Adan is one of the youngest individuals to receive this honor, and his father, Ascencion Banuelos, was the first Mexican-American ever inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame.