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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle opt for ‘worst way’ to build bridges with Royal family | Pro Hub of News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are facing criticism for what experts describe as the “worst” approach to bridging the gap with the Royal family through their new website.

Royal commentator Michael Cole expressed concern during a TalkTV discussion, suggesting that Buckingham Palace would likely view the Sussexes’ new website unfavorably. He emphasized the need for close monitoring to ensure it isn’t utilized for commercial gain, as such actions would be frowned upon in the UK.

Cole highlighted the potential legal implications of using royal titles or names for commercial purposes, stressing that such practices are strictly prohibited. He criticized the couple for what he perceives as a tone-deaf move, suggesting that it undermines their efforts to reconcile with the Royal family and is unlikely to be well-received.

Furthermore, Cole recalled the initial agreement that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would retain their royal titles but refrain from using them for personal gain, a pact he believes they may be violating with the launch of their new website.