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Meghan Markle talks only of the ‘self’ mere feet from the most deprived women | Pro Hub of News

Royal commentator and author Liz Jones has recently accused Meghan Markle of displaying self-centered behavior, particularly in the presence of women facing extreme deprivation, as highlighted in her latest piece for the Daily Mail.

Jones initially commended Meghan’s early efforts, such as her involvement in curating a cookbook to aid victims of the Grenfell fire, viewing them as genuine and impactful gestures.

However, Jones’s support dwindled when Meghan expressed her struggles during a TV interview while on tour in South Africa, lamenting that Meghan’s complaints seemed out of touch considering her proximity to some of the world’s most deprived women and children.

Jones further criticized Meghan’s conduct, particularly citing her extravagant curtsey in the 2023 Netflix series “Harry and Meghan,” which appeared to mock the Queen. The incident led Jones to disassociate herself from Meghan.

Moreover, Jones expressed indignation over Meghan’s supporters attacking Kate while she was recovering in the hospital, emphasizing that individuals, especially those like the Princess of Wales who embody class and duty, should not face such hostility, especially when unwell.