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Meghan Markle not ‘apeing’ Diana in stories about the UK: ‘Must feel sick’ | Pro Hub of News

Royal commentator and expert Liz Jonas recently came to Meghan Markle’s defense, empathizing with her experiences in the UK. In a recent piece for The Daily Mail, Jonas expressed her conviction that Meghan “must have felt sick” amidst the online onslaught she faced.

Reflecting on the vicious online attacks directed at Meghan and Harry following their trip to a film premiere in Jamaica, Jonas acknowledged her initial skepticism regarding Meghan’s revelations to Oprah Winfrey about feeling suicidal due to her treatment in the UK. However, after witnessing the relentless online abuse, Jonas admitted she now believes Meghan’s accounts.

Jonas shared her own experience with suicidal thoughts, highlighting the debilitating impact they have on one’s ability to function. She emphasized the insidious nature of online abuse, noting how hurtful comments can penetrate even the strongest defenses and erode one’s self-confidence. Drawing from her own encounters with death threats, albeit on a smaller scale than Meghan’s, Jonas underscored the profound emotional toll such attacks take, leaving individuals feeling sick and shaken.

In closing, Jonas challenged the notion that online abuse should be shrugged off, emphasizing its capacity to inflict deep wounds and sow seeds of doubt in one’s mind.