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Prince William refused to meet Harry believing he’d leak conversations | Pro Hub of News

Prince William reportedly avoided a meeting with his estranged brother, Prince Harry, during Harry’s brief visit to the UK due to concerns that Harry might divulge their conversation.

According to sources, William, the Prince of Wales, harbors doubts about Harry’s trustworthiness, fearing that Harry could exploit family matters for financial gain, particularly through deals with Netflix.

Harry flew to the UK to visit his father, King Charles, after learning of his cancer diagnosis. However, despite being in the country for nearly 12 hours, Harry departed without meeting William or his wife, Kate Middleton.

Royal expert Angela Levin weighed in on the situation, asserting that William’s reluctance to meet Harry stems from a lack of trust. Levin suggested that William is wary of Harry using their conversations to generate publicity and potentially profit from them, particularly through collaborations with Netflix.

Levin criticized Harry’s behavior, emphasizing that in times of family illness, one should prioritize the needs and preferences of the ailing individual. She highlighted the importance of coordinating visits in a considerate and respectful manner, rather than for personal gain or publicity.