Prince Harry forced to make hard choice amid financial woes | Pro Hub of News

Prince Harry is reportedly facing a tough decision following his intervention to prevent Meghan Markle from focusing on the Royal family in her purported upcoming memoir.

According to royal expert Richard Eden, the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle must now weigh whether to divulge more “Royal gossip” as part of their Netflix contract, set to expire next year.

During an episode of the royal podcast, Palace Confidential, Eden highlighted comments from a senior Netflix executive regarding the couple’s planned programs. The executive’s use of the phrase “very early development” raised concerns, indicating a potential delay or uncertainty in the projects.

Eden revealed that Harry intervened to “block” Meghan from sharing Royal gossip, but they now face another dilemma regarding the content of their projects. The couple, based in California, must decide whether to create programs about other individuals or focus on themselves and potentially reveal more royal insights.

Regardless of their choice, whether with Netflix or another major company, the couple will continue to grapple with the same dilemma, Eden concluded.