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Does Prince William need Prince Harry in THIS difficult time? | Pro Hub of News

Reports indicate that Duke of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle extended their well wishes to King Charles and Kate Middleton amid their health issues. However, Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, criticized Harry for his absence from the Royal Family during this challenging period.

Paul Burrell expressed disappointment that Harry isn’t offering support to his elder brother, Prince William, at this time, suggesting that Princess Diana would disapprove. Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Burrell stated, “Harry is likely concerned about his father, but I don’t see Harry and Meghan coming back any time soon.”

Burrell emphasized that during Kate and the king’s absence, Harry and Meghan could have stepped up to fill the gap, but they chose not to. He remarked, “When William needs [Harry] right now, he is not there. That’s the biggest sadness, and [Princess] Diana would be appalled that Harry didn’t come forward and offer his brother some help. That should have happened but it won’t happen.”