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Meghan Markle told to be ‘grateful’ over potential ‘healthy salary increment’ | Pro Hub of News

Meghan Markle is receiving advice to exercise caution and gratitude if she considers returning to acting, particularly for a potential comeback to the TV series “Suits.” PR expert Ryan McCormick emphasizes the importance of humility, urging Meghan to appreciate the opportunity and extend kindness to everyone on set, regardless of their role.

McCormick suggests that while Meghan’s fame has grown significantly since her previous stint on the show, she should approach negotiations for her salary with balance. He advises her to seek a reasonable salary increase without appearing greedy. The expert emphasizes the potential impact on Meghan’s reputation if negotiations break down due to excessive salary demands.

The Duchess of Sussex, alongside Prince Harry, departed from the Royal Family in 2020, citing concerns of racism directed at their son Archie. Meghan and Harry currently reside in California with their two children, Archie and Princess Lilibet. Meghan’s potential return to acting is met with cautious advice, considering the impact on her public image.