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Cancer treatment breakthrough as new Novlena medical test enables early detection | Pro Hub of News

Scientists from the biotech firm Novelna in the United States have made a groundbreaking discovery, introducing a DNA test capable of diagnosing 18 different types of early-stage cancers. The study, published in the BMJ Oncology journal, suggests that cancer protein signals may be sex-specific, indicating the need for different tests for men and women, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The research involved collecting blood plasma samples from 44 healthy donors and 440 individuals with various types of cancer. Different proteins were identified that exhibited signs of cancers and indicated their origin in the body.

While further tests with larger sample sizes are necessary for additional studies, the researchers achieved success in differentiating between various cancer cells and normal ones with 99% accuracy by examining proteins in blood plasma.

This breakthrough could potentially reshape screening guidelines, incorporating the plasma test as a standard component of routine check-ups. Dr. Anguraj Sadanandam, Director of the Centre for Global Oncology at the Institute of Cancer Research, expressed optimism, stating, “This research could pave the way for a prosperous and efficient way to identify cancers earlier when they are easier to treat.”

Dr. Mangesh Thorat, from the Centre for Cancer Prevention at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, added, “If the assay performance in future, well-designed sequential studies is anywhere close to what this preliminary study suggests, then it could be a game-changer.”