Neri Oxman’s hubby sets record straight about Brad Pitt dating | Pro Hub of News

Addressing longstanding rumors surrounding a potential romantic connection between Brad Pitt and renowned MIT professor Neri Oxman, her husband Bill Ackman has clarified the nature of their relationship.

In a statement to X, the hedge fund manager explained, “He called and expressed interest in her work.” Ackman revealed that Pitt visited Neri’s lab a couple of times and had a meeting in San Francisco related to a cultural architecture project idea that ultimately did not materialize. He emphasized, “There was nothing questionable about her relationship with the actor. It was totally professional.”

Confirming the identity of the famous actor as Brad Pitt, the 57-year-old activist investor asserted that the interactions were strictly professional.

Supporting Ackman’s statement, an insider familiar with the situation informed The Messenger that the duo are simply friends and did not engage in a romantic relationship. The source clarified, “They didn’t date. That was false.” Previous speculation had arisen when Pitt was photographed in Oxman’s classroom at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2018.